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Matt Rogers / Consultant

Tech +

Business / People / Life

I weave together the right platforms, people, and processes

to create the best experience using technology solutions.


Technical Strategies focused on

Customer and Employee Experience

Solution Consulting

Set up for success. Solve problems with the right tech and actionable plans that dev teams and vendors can implement.

Vendor Selection

Don’t get taken in by slick PowerPoints. Vet the real tech behind the sales deck to ensure it’s the right choice.

Software Architecture

Chart a course for how a system or integration should be built to ensure success and sustainability.

Build a Dev Team

Learn how to build an in-house practice that delivers software…and a team software developers want to work on.

20 +




Focus on the experience

My passion is to make life better with technology.

Whether that’s the customer experience, employee experience, or even your smart home experience…I find ways to apply technology to make what you’re doing more enjoyable, easier, better.

I specialize in solution architecture (what are the right technological components to bring an idea to life) and the software development process (what people, tools, and organizational capabilities are needed to build and maintain software).

My approach is built on a few core principles:

  • Be curious
  • Think forward
  • Be honest
  • Put people first