Empowering your tech ventures

I provide strategic technical leadership to early stage companies and investors.

Build the right foundation for scale

I partner with founders, executive leadership, and investors to maximize long term ROI through the strategic application of technology.

With two decades of experience building software teams and architecting complex systems, I can see around corners and know how to build scalability concepts into a product from the beginning.  I go deep with your leadership team and technical talent to build a plan for questions like:

  • How should we approach building our product?
  • How do we make sure we’ll scale?
  • How do we organize and communicate our goals and requirements to software developers?
  • What technology platform(s) are right for our business plan and market?
  • Who do we need to implement our product/platform?
  • What software development processes should we have in place to ensure success?

My background encompasses businesses of all sizes and types, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and spans various industries and verticals including ecommerce, SaaS, content publishing, data analytics, and distribution.

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For startups and growing companies

Fractional CTO

Providing guidance and leadership as your fractional Chief Technology Officer when a full time CTO is not necessary or affordable.

Strategic Architecture

Designing the high-level system architecture to support your product roadmap and  long term business goals.

Talent Acquisition

Identifying and hiring the right technical talent or vendors to ensure alignment and  long-term success.

Agile Implementation

Customize and adopt best-practices Agile methods for software development.

For Investors

Technical Due Diligence

Evaluating the present software and development practices of companies under consideration for investment.

Strategic Assessment

Identifying risks and opportunities within your business to provide a comprehensive view of tech stack quality and scalability.

Operational Assessment

Evaluate a tech business’ operations with a focus on the software engineering and delivery processes.

A strong technology leader, Matt can help ensure a business puts the right technical roadmap and software engineering processes in place to be successful. He does a great job guiding both leaders and developers to realize what’s possible and maximize ROI.

Mike Rowe

VP of Engineering, SparkCognition

Matt is the rare technologist who also knows how to think strategically about business and product opportunities. Having him on the team when a tech-based business is conceptualized and capitalized is essential to making sure we get it right.

Corey Koopmans

Founder / CEO,

My background & impact

Twenty years ago, I started my career as a software developer, and that means I’m a detail-oriented person: I get my hands on the problem and research, perform data analysis, build a prototype…whatever it takes to find the right path. I don’t just operate in the theoretical.

My approach is built on a few core principles: be curious, think forward, be honest, and put people first.

Some of my career experience includes:

  • Led the design and implementation of enterprise integration architecture and agile software development processes for a $300mm+ distribution and ecommerce business, consolidating over 30 separate legacy integration systems which resulted in more reliable business operations and faster time-to-value for integration-dependent initiatives
  • Led the product strategy and technical design of a B2B SaaS startup for hiring-based tax credits, which screened nearly 1 million applicants annually for tax credit opportunities before being acquired in 2022
  • Architected and led implementation of one of the first digital subscription sales platforms in the news industry, facilitating an entirely new revenue channel that reached $25mm in sales in the first year and was ultimately deployed in over 100 markets
  • Developed and implemented Agile SDLC processes at a Fortune 500 company (before Agile was cool/everywhere)
  • Built a lean marketing-focused software development services company to approximately $1mm in sales in less than 2 years

Whether launching a product from scratch, figuring out how to scale, evaluating investor opportunity, improving software development operations, or even just helping you pick the right smart home tech over lunch…I’ve spent my career guiding people on how to approach and apply technology and software development practices in order to make what they’re doing more successful, enjoyable, easier, and better.

I specialize in technical strategy (what is the right approach to bring a business or product idea to life), system architecture design and evaluation (what components should be in place for scalability and reliability), and the software development process (what people, tools, and organizational capabilities are needed to build and maintain software). Fundamentally, I see my role as being both a guide for leaders and a force multiplier for the developers, analysts, and designers doing the work.

Having worked in Fortune 500, mid-size enterprise, and co-founded two companies, I have a working knowledge of nearly every aspect of running a business and can empathize with people working in any discipline. Cross-functional insight is absolutely necessary, because whether you’re a SaaS startup or an accounting firm, technology touches every part of an organization.

I have a degree in Computer Science from Purdue University and live in Fishers, Indiana with my wife and two boys.

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